I only code for fun.

I don't do freelance. I do freejavelin.

It's like freelance for people with day jobs.

  • Significantly lower rates
  • Greater client flexibility
  • Longer project deadlines
  • Off-hour availability
  • Single project workloads

I'm perfect for budget-sensitive, time-flexible projects.

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Custom-created to fill a need for ongoing data tracking and reporting. I was challenged to create a system that could continue to be customized by Administrative users. The system includes: tiered user levels, administrative control of metrics and variables, high-security user-authentication, verbose search and filter functions and the ability to upload data and customized reporting functions.

  • 176 hours
  • 4 months
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West Michigan Refugee Education and Cultural Center needed an easily accessible way to track employee hours and manage payroll. And they were having issues with staff not submitting their hours on time. So I created a fully-fledged application with a complex relational database, complete test suite, and configurable settings. WMRECC is a small non-profit with no dedicated IT staff. They needed something that works reliably and is very intuitive for users. This project features mobile-first design, an app-style interface and an approval workflow.

  • 216 hours
  • 3 months
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Paulflower post

A Michigan-based author needed a new website to promote his social media and newly published book. I created a single-page website with a balance of static and dynamic content to optimize speed and smoothness. Now his fans can keep up with everything he does in one place.

  • 140 hours
  • 2 months
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Media Tracker


The client needed a simple way to track their interviews, press releases and media contacts. I served as the client representative to ensure they got the product they needed with the features they requested.

  • 44 hours
  • 3 weeks
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Locodi home

The clients wanted a new website to showcase their work in Uganda. They also needed a way to handle donations and child sponsorships. I created a site that focused on images and story telling as well as giving people access to their blog and social media.

  • 183 hours
  • 4 months